ELIMO® Elektro-Industriemontagen GmbH

With the experience accumulated by ELIMO®, costs can be optimized as early as in the project planning stage. As a result of a wide customer base in a great number of different projects, ELIMO® is always facing new challenges. The reason for their success is continuous innovation and the confidence of customers.

The core regions for electrical installations and services are:

  • Steel mills
  • High-voltage projects up to 380 kV
  • Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Regenerative energies
  • Special solutions (mining industry)
  • Event and concert constructions
  • Building installations
  • Training of specialists
ELIMO® Elektro-Industriemontagen GmbH


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Weber, CEO
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Weber, CEO

The company ELIMO® arose as an independent company on 22nd July 1991 from the electrical department of Stahl- und Walzwerke Riesa AG. The step to the independence was made with 15 of the 250 qualified employees.

Today ELIMO® consists of a team of 36 experienced employees. They are made up of 27 electricians, two trainees and five engineers.

In order to meet the high level of quality-control demands in the future, ELIMO® carries out targeted instruction and advanced training of specialist personnel within the company.

With a reliable core employee staff from the region, and supra-regional advanced training measures (product and technology training), ELIMO® is ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.


Training of specialist personnel

The instruction and advanced training of our specialist personnel is implemented within the ELIMO® company with the utilization of regional resources (BSZ technology, qualification center, AMVZ) and supra-regional offers (product and technology training sessions for cable installations, introduction of new products and/or new technologies). In this way, a high quality of service is achieved and the support provided to our customers continuously improved.

Our internal specialist training of apprentices and BA students has high priority in the company development. This provides for continuous growth at ELIMO®, and ensures a healthy company structure for the future.

Training of specialist personnel

Quality assurance

In order to enable optimum structuring of assembly times on site, pre-assembly work is implemented in the ELIMO® workshop halls. Quality and safety have high priority at every stage of the planning and assembly process.

In summer 1998, ELIMO® set itself the challenge of acquiring for the first time the TUEV CERT certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001. A quality management system was introduced, which finds application in all work sequences.

In September 2013, the fourth audit was implemented, where meanwhile ELIMO® was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. By mid-2015, the certification of ELIMO® was implemented according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (quality), DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 (environmental protection) and SCC 2006 (occupational health and safety).

This “Integrated Management System” increases the effectiveness of the existing management system and creates confidence in principals and customers. Safety, health and environmental protection are sustainably improved within the ELIMO® company.

Quality assurance
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Our services

ELIMO® undertakes the planning, delivery and installation of:

  • Electrical industrial installations
  • Electrical power supply installations (substations, transformer stations, medium and low-voltage switching systems, cable systems and installations, ground fault compensation systems, grounding systems, control system)
  • Building installation (complete systems)
  • Energy and environmental technology (power stations, combined heat and power stations / engine-based cogeneration systems, sewage treatment plants)
  • General electro-technical systems (system lighting technologies, street lighting, elec. equipment for container vehicles and mine excavators [Komatsu], elec. equipment for cement-silo systems)
  • Workshop manufacture of special switchgear systems
  • Testing and maintenance of elec. systems.
  • Repair services / electrical service
Our services

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Our references clearly reflect our profile and our understanding of quality. Every new project demands specific solutions.

We are glad to face new challenges and to provide our know-how for the realization of optimum solutions. Innovation is the drive-motor behind our work.

Do you have a requirement which we have not yet handled? Then contact us and we will prepare a solution!


Steel mills

„Time is money“ applies for this sector to a special degree. The high outlays of energy and material require stable and secure time management of electrical systems in case of maintenance and new installation. ELIMO® is at home in this environment. With its steel mills, the Riesa location has been the starting point for the development of modern and cost-efficient solutions which ELIMO® passes on to its customers.


  • Thyssen-Stahl AG – AG: ANSALDO (electrical installation of a blast furnace, Duisburg)
  • ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi – AG: Demag (electrical installation of an 80 ton electric furnace)
  • Edelstahlwerke Freital GmbH
    • AG: Rexroth Mannesmann (electrical installation of a continuous casting system)
    • AG: Edelstahlwerke Freital (Rebuilding of Trafostation T2)
  • Salzgitter AG – AG: ANSALDO / SMS Demag (electrical installation of a slab sizing press)
  • Stahlguss Saar GmbH – formerly PHB Stahlguss Sankt Ingbert (elec. furnace conversion and overhaul)
  • BAM – AG: BAM (Modernisierung eines kleintechnischen Lichtbogenofens)
  • Pleisner Guss – AG: Pleisner Guss (Überholung E-Ofen 1 und 2)
  • Silbitz Guss – AG: Silbitz Guss (Überholung Lichtbogenofen 3 und 4)
  • BES Brandenburg
    • Verstärkung Einspeisung E-Ofen 1 und 2
    • E-Einspeisung und E-Montage Pfannenofen 2
    • Umbau Stranggussanlage)
Steel mills

High voltage

Similarly successful business sectors of ELIMO® are electrical installation and maintenance services for electrical energy suppliers. A wide area of electrical services is covered in this case.

The main emphasis is on the overhaul, renewal and testing of medium-voltage systems, where close cooperation is implemented with all well-known system suppliers. However, cable installation services (including malfunction service) are also included in the program.

A further emphasis of ELIMO® is the installation of substations with a mains voltage of 110 kV to 380 kV.


  • 380 kV-UW Schmölln (HAG: SIEMENS AG)
    • Umbau von 3 Stück Transformatorfeldern 380 kV / 110 kV
    • Verstärkung der Stromtragfähigkeit der SS auf 4000 A
  • 110 kV-UW Riesa – Mitte (AG: ENSO) – Wandlerwechsel 110 kV
  • 110 kV-UW Riesa – Nord (AG: ENSO) – Montage einer NS-Eigenbedarfsanlage
  • Sachsenmilch Leppersdorf GmbH (AG: Schneider Electric)
    • Montage von 2 Stück 20kV–Schaltanlagen PIX
  • Stahlwerk Gröditz: Modernisierung von Transformatorstationen
    • TST Großschmiede: Erneuerung der 15 kV-, 6 kV- und 0,4 kV-Anlage
    • TST Stahlformgießerei: Erneuerung der 15 kV- und der 0,4 kV-Anlage
  • ESF Riesa UW Mitte
    • Modernisierung einer 6 kV-Schaltanlage
High voltage

Regenerative energies

The future of energy generation will be determined by increasingly more efficient, environmentally-protective technologies. ELIMO® is already participating throughout Europe in the realization of this new regenerative energy generation, with wind, solar energy and biogas.

As a result of close cooperation with various power providers, power feed into the networks of power providers has increasingly become a core competence of ELIMO® over the years. In order to achieve solutions suitable for the applications, close cooperation is implemented with the customer in the planning, installation and support of substations.


  • Substation Hellberge (Principal: GmbH energy source)
  • Substation Altentreptow (Principal: Pauwels)
  • Substation Ellingen (1) (Principal: Electrical engineering / Germania ABA)
  • Substation Ellingen (2) (Principal: Enercon GmbH, Aurich)
  • Substation Wriezener Höhe (Principal: Kaun & Haase, Berlin)
  • Substation Bergen Sued (Principal: Renewable energies Europe e3 GmbH)
  • Substation Guessefeld (Principal: GmbH energy source)
  • Substation Hakenstedt N/O (Principal: Energy system Prokon GmbH)
  • Substation Rochau (Principal: EnerSys GmbH, Neuseddin)
  • Substation Hakenstedt 1 (Principal: Prokon Energiesysteme GmbH)
  • Substation Karstaedt (Principal: WKN AG)
  • Biogas plants (voltage level: 20 kV / 0.4 kV)
  • Photovoltaic systems, Italy (Principal: wpd)
  • Substation Badel SUED (Principal: WT Energiesysteme)
  • Substation Helmern 1 and 2 (Principal: WT Energiesysteme)
  • Substation Lunestedt (Principal: WT Energiesysteme)


Regenerative energies


What does a show or a concert have to do with electrical installations? According to location, air-conditioning equipment can place considerable power demands. Intensive lighting systems and platforms which are moved also require energy.

A power management that considers damage situations as well requires knowledge and awareness of responsibility in the planning and installation. Regardless of whether it involves regional projects like Sachsenarena in Riesa or international orders such as the opera house in Oslo, the services of ELIMO® provide security for our customers.


Special solutions

Where a lot of energy is required, the demands increase in the planning and realization of electrical installations. Security and long-term stability play a considerable role in such processes. KOMATSU is one of the leading manufacturers of machines for the mining industry.

ELIMO® offers the planning and installation of electrical switchgear and control systems for large capacity excavators, as a finished module. The assembly and first intermediate testing of these modules take place in the ELIMO® halls, which provide reliable performance on sites all over the world, such as North and South America, as well as Asia and Africa.

Special solutions



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